Captain Joseph Ferguson’s Company

Captain Joseph Ferguson’s company, again named for it’s commander and another of the eight regular companies. Ferguson’s represents the RWFiA on the West Coast.

To view Ferguson’s Company’s very own webpage click here:  Ferguson’s Company

If you are interested in becoming a member of Captain Ferguson’s Company, (West Coast), contact, Captain George Mack, e-mail:


Regimental Recruiting Sergeant Dennis Murphy:

Attention to Company Orders:

Company Announcements:

Gentleman Soldier Tom Stein has been promoted to the command of Ferguson’s Company.

Congratulations Tom on your new command.

Company & Local Events:

January 20 & 21 – Valley Forge (Skirmishing with Forgers) at Riley’s Farm CHANGED 

February 18 & 19 – Revolution at Huntington Beach Park (May be postponed) 

# New Dae – Valley Forge moved to Saturday Feb 25 

February 26 – The West Coast Toy Soldier Show (Recruiting) 

March 1st – St David’s Day meet for Dinner TBA 

March 11 & 12 – Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC (Support (Horsfall’s) 

March 11 – Grand Encampment Fla-Bob Airport (Time Line) 

MAR 25 AT 10 AM – MAR 26 AT 4 PM Revolution in the Orchard Julian Farm and Orchard 

April 15 & 16 – Lexington & Concord at Riley’s Farm 

May 6 & 7 – Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Days, Alexandria VA (PAID EVENT) 

June 17 & 18 – Battle of Monmouth, Monmouth, NJ (BRITISH BRIGADE EVENT) 

TBD – July/Aug 

August 1st – Minden Day 

Sept 23 & 24 Endview Plantation, Yorktown, VA 

Sept 30 & Oct 1 – Fort Loudoun, Fort Loudoun, PA (BRITISH BRIGADE EVENT) 

TBD Oct / Nov  

Oct 7 & 8 2023  Fort Verda Days (time line) 

November – Battle of Camden/Hobkirk’s Hill, Kershaw, SC