Saint David’s Day

Saint David


Saint David’s Day

The Royal Welch Fusiliers do not celebrate battle honours but, the national day of Wales, St David’s Day (1st of March) is celebrated wherever there are Royal Welch Fusiliers. In Battalions the ceremony ‘Eating the Leek’ is observed by the youngest soldier in each company, and by newly-joined officers and guests at dinner in the Officers’ Mess, whilst drummers and fifers, led by the Regimental Goat, march round the table.


It is only on St David’s Day that the Loyal Toast is drunk. Shortly after the 1797 Nore Mutiny when dining with the Regiment, King George IV expressed his wish that the Loyal Toast should be dispensed with as ‘the loyalty of the Royal Welch is never in doubt’

  • From Frederick MacKenzie’s Boston Dairy:

1st March 1775:  “This being St. David’s Day, the Officers of the 23rd Regiment, or Royal Welch Fusiliers, dined together according to the Custom.  All the General & Staff Officers, The Admiral, and several other persons were invited to dine with the Regiment…”