Colonel of the Regiment
Lieutenant General Jonathon Riley.


Major George Mack, Commander
23rd Regiment of Foot
Royal Welch Fusiliers in America

Attention to Regimental Orders:

The Regiment will be making the switch to woolen small clothes, with the switch to be complete by 1 March 2025.

“Small clothes include a waistcoat and breeches made of the same natural white, wool cloth and should match the color of the coat’s turnback lining.. The waistcoat has slash pockets (without flaps). Please contact a recruiter of unit NCO for more information.” 


Fusiliers are required to wear their hair queued (braided) with the tail tucked under the back of the cap. This is a required uniform piece and not wearing it because it is hot, itchy or uncomfortable is unacceptable. The queue (natural or wig) is a critical piece of the uniform just as the coat or bearskin is. The queue is not required for the late war kit, which authorizes hair to be short or “cropped”. Wigs for the early war kit should be of natural hair color; white wigs, typically reserved for formal occasions are optional. I advised the officers and NCOs to start enforcing this requirement at events.

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