Captain Horsefall’s Company

Horsefall’s company, another of the eight battalion companies, representing the Royal Welch Fusiliers in the south.

Attention to Company Orders:

Company Announcements:

Congratulations to Alex Ivanchishin on your promotion to Gentleman Volunteer!

Company & Local Events:

Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC    14 – 15 March

Siege of Charleston, St. John’s Island, SC     28 – 29 March

Hickory Ridge, Boone, NC     TBD (April)

Mount Vernon, VA     2 – 3 May

Chipapokes Plantation, (Near Williamsburg, VA),    TBD (June)

North American Festival of Wales, Philadelphia, PA     TBD (September)

Battle of Camden, Camden, SC     TBD

Check back often for updates to Horsefall’s Company’s 2019 event schedule.