Captain Horsefall’s Company

Horsefall’s company, another of the eight battalion companies, representing the Royal Welch Fusiliers in the south.

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 After Action Report:

Boone, NC Hickory Ridge History Museum/British Occupation

On 24 July, a splendid occupation of Hickory Ridge, Boone NC was carried out by a most able and enthusiastic detachment of the 23rd Foot (RWFiA).  Under the discipline of Sgt Ben Beers, Eric Spaar, Alex Ivanchishin, Privates Lance Cohron, Kevin McClain, Jordan Rowland, and fifer Gabe Everman were tasked to post guard, arrest rebels and seize contraband.  Our small force was augmented by a local provincial unit, both under local Command that was also detached to the Hickory Ridge village.  Our unit made over a dozen arrests and seized quite a lot of colonial currency keeping the Provost and his staff very busy.  To ensure that the local population appreciated our seriousness to the mission we found it necessary to put on several firing demonstrations and unfortunately found ourselves engaged in a small skirmish with rebels that was quickly put to an end with several arrests .  
The weather was bright and sunny; however extremely hot and humid. A full day of activity was followed by a hearty meal of sausage, onions, bread, vegetables and libations.   In the evening the museum and the townspeople of Hickory Ridge treated us to first class VIP seating at their outdoor theater to watch the “Horn of the West” a play recounting the history of the region and founding of the town. Audience numbered in the hundreds for this 69th annual performance.    
Thanks to Eric Spaar, before we deployed for the event, several of us spent an evening camped out in a local cabin where we drank some beer and soda by the fire pit and enjoyed a light meal before we settled into the comfort of nice beds.   
Thanks to Eric for organizing the event, for the food and for the cabin which we all enjoyed before and after the event.  Also much thanks and appreciation to all who could attend: it was a long trip for some.  Your attendance, enthusiasm and support are an inspiration to me and others in the southern company.  Looking forward to seeing you all at another Hillsborough company meeting and drill event on 28 August. 

After Action Report: Battle of Brandywine

The After Action Report for the Battle of Brandywine, 24 & 25 Sept 2022, can be viewed in Horsefall’s Company’s newsletter, “The Dispatch”, October 2022 part 2.

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 Cornwallis occupation of Hillsborough / Hillsborough NC, 12 February 2022

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