I Want To Be A Fusilier

Ticonderoga 2015 17Hope Lodge 6







Arouse Britons for the Honour and Glory of Old England !

Now is the moment my noble-minded Countrymen, now is

the Crisis of our Country’s Fate !

Fly to the Standard of our Sovereign, hasten to

man his Fleets and augment his Armies!

By acting thus, Britons, you shall restore the native Resplendency of our

Beloved Country, chastise the Perfidious French and Spaniards, and again united to our Brethren in America, who have been so badly deluded from their Natural Allegiance by the sworn Enemies of All Englishmen.

ALL       REAL


Whose hearts are filled with Loyalty for the best of Kings, and Love for the Noblest of Constitutions,

and who are willing to maintain the Honour of OLD ENGLAND in Defiance of FRENCH and SPANISH Treachery, have now a noble Opportunity of obtaining immortal Renown, by repairing to the Standard of

His Majesty’s 23rd Regiment of Foot


Royal Welch Fusiliers



The Sons of Freedom are alone worthy to support the Honour of OLD ENGLAND, and the Conduct

of the Noble Regiment of ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS , shall prove that ENGLISHMEN never wanted Courage to defend their Wives, their Sweethearts, or their Firesides.

Such Gentlemen as choose to serve their King and Country in the above mentioned Regiment are desired to repair to the Drum-Head

                                                                                    GOD save the KING


All Able bodied, intrepid heroes, who are willing to serve his majesty King George III…

and all who have an active interest in being a part of our organization, whether fielding as a foot soldier, or by supporting the regiment as one of our Associate members, are encouraged to, first review the “Information for the New Recruit from Major Reilly”, then contact one our recruiters near you…

12 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Fusilier

  1. Frank Allegro

    I may be interested in joining. I live in Historical Tappan NY I am Commander of our American Legion Post in Tappan

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Frank, Please go on our “I want to be a Fusilier Page”, on the left you will find a heading for recruiter contacts, please send an email to the address listed for Dennis Murphy. He will be able to guide you into the regiment.

      Thanks for your interest in the Royal Welch Fusiliers in America, and hope to see you on the field.


  2. Joe Corrado

    Hi, all!

    My name’s Joe Corrado, and I’m greatly interested in becoming part of the 23rd RWF! I’ve always been keen on reenacting and doing various historic civilian impressions. I’m a member of the 67th New York Infantry Co.K and a costumed interpreter at Old Bethpage Village Restoration, living history education is something I’m truly passionate about! I was also referred here by Justin Parker, who speaks very highly of the group and sparked my interest in joining. Would you gents be able to point me in the right direction? I’d be honored to join your ranks!

    All the best,
    Joe Corrado

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Joe, I would be very happy to steer you in the right direction. I assume you live in the NYC area so, if you would contact our recruiter for that area. You can reach him by going to the “I want to be a Fusilier” page and click on Recruiter Info on the left of the page or, you can reach him at: Private Dennis Murphy, e-mail: RWF442@gmail.com . If you have any troubles getting in Contact with Dennis, let me know and I will do what I can to hook you two up.

      Thanks for your interest in the 23rd!!!


  3. Joe Bullins


    I am very interested in becoming a fusilier. I have been to the reenactment at Guilford Courthouse many times over the years and todays battle just really pushed my passion over the edge. Can you point me in the right direction as to how I can get started?

    Many thanks,
    Joe B.
    Greensboro, NC

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Joe, Fantastic! If you go to the “I want to be a Fusilier” page and, look in the right hand widget, the second heading will put you on the page for our recruiters. You will want Captain Horsefall’s Company and Private Ben Beers, his email address is located there. Ben can fix you up with all the info you will need to know. I will let him know you will be writing him. Thanks for getting in touch and hope to see you in line soon! Ich Dien!

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Jacob, The 23rd is not represented in the Buffalo area. Our closest unit would be our Midwest company and, you can get the recruiters info off this site. However, if they are to far away for you please feel free to go on the British Brigade Website, click on the Unit Listings, and scroll down to find a unit that might be close to you. When I looked, at the bottom of the Infantry Unit listing there was the: Niagara Indian Dept (Foresters), in Oakville, NY (which I see on the map is right near Buffalo), just click on their name and it will set up an email for you. Good Luck!!! And hope to see you in the line someday!

  4. Jameson Hughes

    I am 32 years old from Havre de Grace, MD where I live and work. I have experience doing WW2 and ACW reenacting.

    Thank you!

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Jameson, If you are interested in adding the period of the American Revolution to your reenacting repertoire, please contact our recruiter for your area: Fusilier Dennis Murphy at RWF442@gmail.com. He has all the information you will need to become a Fusilier. I will let Dennis know you will be reaching out to him. Thanks for contacting the RWFiA and, I hope to see you on the field one day!


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