I Want To Be A Fusilier

Arouse Britons for the Honour and Glory of Old England !

Now is the moment my noble-minded Countrymen, now is
the Crisis of our Country’s Fate !
Fly to the Standard of our Sovereign, hasten to
man his Fleets and augment his Armies!
By acting thus, Britons, you shall restore the native Resplendency of our
Beloved Country, chastise the Perfidious French and Spaniards, and again united to our Brethren in America, who have been so badly deluded from their Natural Allegiance by the sworn Enemies of All Englishmen.

ALL       REAL


Whose hearts are filled with Loyalty for the best of Kings, and Love for the Noblest of Constitutions,
and who are willing to maintain the Honour of OLD ENGLAND in Defiance of FRENCH and SPANISH Treachery, have now a noble Opportunity of obtaining immortal Renown, by repairing to the Standard of

His Majesty’s 23rd Regiment of Foot


Royal Welch Fusiliers



The Sons of Freedom are alone worthy to support the Honour of OLD ENGLAND, and the Conduct
of the Noble Regiment of ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS , shall prove that ENGLISHMEN never wanted Courage to defend their Wives, their Sweethearts, or their Firesides.
Such Gentlemen as choose to serve their King and Country in the above mentioned Regiment are desired to repair to the Drum-Head

                                                                                    GOD save the KING

Recruiter Contact Infomation


All Able bodied, intrepid heroes, who are willing to serve his majesty King George III…
and all who have an active interest in being a part of our organization, whether fielding as a foot soldier, or by supporting the regiment as one of our Associate members, are encouraged to, first review the “Information for the New Recruit from Major Reilly” then, contact one our recruiters.  Note: Click on the Recruiter Contact Information Link in the menu to the top left of the page to locate a recruiter near you. Or, leave a message in the message block below and one of our recruiters will get back to you…
Ich Dien!!!

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  1. John Oakes

    Hello, I’m 14 (Nearly Fifteen) and Interested in Taking the King’s Shilling. I Live in South Carolina and I was Wondering if you could possibly point me in the Direction of a Local Recruiter.

    Ich Dien and God Save the King!

  2. John Oakes

    Hello, I’m 14 (Nearly Fifteen) And I’m Interested in Taking the King’s Shilling. I Live In South Carolina and I’m Wondering if you could point me to a Local Recruiter. I’m 5’2 and Physically Able to Handle a 2nd Pattern Brown Bess Musket. I’d like to Know the Requirements.

    Ich Dien and God Save The King!

  3. Ebbe

    Hello! How are you? My name is Ebbe and I am 15 from Long Island. I am interested in joining the 23rd Reg. of foot, what is required to join, are there any fees and what is the minimum age to join?
    Thanks again and take care!

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Ebbe, I am sending your contact info to our recruiter for the NYC / Long Island area, Kyle Parker. He will be able to answer all your questions.

      • Nicole

        Hi- I am doing a photo project for an exhibition in September and need some reenactors local to Carlisle PA to pose for a portrait. Would you happen to have anyone local interested in participating?

  4. Ian Edwards

    I am a Welshman, from Merthyr Tydfil, living in Virginia. I am able to speak a little Cymraeg (Welsh), but am not fluent. I would be interested in becoming a RWF trooper. I was a cadet sergeant in the Air Training Corps of the Royal Air Force.

    One question I have. Did the RWF not surrender their colours (colors) at Yorktown? We lived in the Tidewater area and visited Yorktown. Occasionally, I would drive on the Coleman Bridge over the York River, which, according to historical texts, the RWF were defending the redoubts at where the Coleman Bridge is now.

  5. Gabriel Everman

    Hello, you may remember me, I applied last year to the Fusiliers. I do have a question that has been nagging at me. How on earth does one get promoted? Is there a protocol or does your captain just say ‘your a leftenent’. Hope you can get back to me


    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Chris, Thanks for your interest in the 23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers in America. I am referring you to our recruiter, Ben Beers. He will be sending you an email titled, “Your Interest in the RWFiA”

  6. Richard Coyle

    I live in Florida so I’m interested in the southern most company. I served the regiment from 1974 – 1983. My old rank and stack number was D-17. Considering re-inlisting.

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Richard, Thanks for your interest in re-joining the 23rd. I have sent your contact information on to our Southern recruiter: Ben Beers. He should be in touch with you in the next few days. Ich Dien!

  7. Gabriel Everman

    Dear sirs,
    I am 13 and going on 14 and I wish to join your noble regiment as a fifer. This dream of mine is blocked by my lack of funds.($10 a week) I was just wondering if there is a place to obtain a regimental fifer’s uniform.
    I hope you can get back to me soon.

    Ich Dein and God save the King!

  8. Gabriel Everman

    Dear sirs,
    I am 13 soon to be 14 and I wish to join your noble regiment as a fifer, I have just one problem. I am a little short on funds. (only $10 a week!) I was wondering if you know where I could get a regimental musician’s uniform for cheep. I have long wished to join a Living History regiment and am looking forward to joining.
    Ich Dein and God save the King!

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hello Gabriel,

      I have sent you an email with the name of our Regimental Drum Major who, will be contacting you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in the 23rd.

  9. Caleb Church

    Can I be a Fusilier despite the fact that I belong to other units? Are there any 23rd Fusiliers in the Midwest? Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, or Chicago?

  10. Paul Kavanagh

    As a member of the RWF Regiment in Wales, now living in Montreal…are you having any events in 2020 or is everything cancelled due to the Covid -19 virus. I don’t think I can currently cross the border anyway unless it is of an urgent matter, and I don’t think the USCustoms and Border Services will take it seriously if I say “I’m trying to stem a revolution in the southern colonies” !

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author


      Our events have been cancelled or postponed, with dates TBD. Although there are still some on the schedule for September and after. However, not sure that these will be allowed to take place. We are all playing it by ear. If you like I can send you an email of any events that may happen.

      Ich Dien!

      Ich Dien!

      • RWFIA_Admin Post author


        Thank you for your interest in joining the 23rd. It would help me to direct you to the proper recruiter for your area to know where you live.

  11. Gavin

    i want to be a 23rd fusiler. I live in caliornia at age 14. what would be the closet unit to location and where can i get the items needed like the cothes

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Gavin, Thank you for your interest in the 23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers in America. I will be sending you an email with our recruiter’s information for your area. Hope to see you on the field.

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Rory, Thank you for your interest in reenacting. Yes, I can. The 23rd Regiment of Foot is actively recruiting. I have sent you an email titled Your interest in Joining the 23rd. I have also referred you name to our recruiter in your area, and he will be contacting you as well using the same email title.

  12. Clark Hartrum

    Hello, was wanting to join the 23rd regiment of foot. I’m from Ohio and was wanting some info on where to get the proper uniform to fit the regiment standards.

    • RWFIA_Admin Post author

      Hi Clark, I have referred your name and email address to our recruiter in your area. I have also emailed you his address and name. He will be in contact with you soon. Thanks for your interest in the 23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers in America.

  13. Craig Livingston

    During the early nineties I was in th RWF Grenadier company. I’m refurbishing my old uniform. Where can I get the crown and 3 feathers pewter buttons?

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