The Light Infantry


We are the light infantry, an elite company of the 23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers. Made up of the quickest and most active men of the regiment, we were employed as scouts, skirmishers and shock troops. Come join us and live on the sharp edge of the regiment and the British army in North America!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Light Infantry Company and live in the New England and Up-State New York area, contact:

Regimental Recruiting Sergeant Dennis Murphy:


Sergeant Michael Miller:

Attention to Company Orders:

The Light Infantry, in accordance with Regimental Orders to have the unit’s small clothes switched to wool by 1 March 2025, will begin our switch to all woolen small clothes per the following schedule:

1 January 2022 to 30 December 2022, the men of the company will switch their current weskits to, or have made new, the General Rufane / Rounded style weskit, with lacing and welted pockets. Contact Sgt. Michael Miller with any questions.

1 June 2023 to 1 June 2024 the men of the company will make the switch to woolen breeches.

All new recruits to the company will be directed to purchase woolen small clothes as part of their required uniform.

Company Announcements:

Company & Local Events:

16 & 17 March            Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro NC

27 & 28 April               March through Redding, Redding, CT

18 May                        Yorktown Heights, Westchester, NY

1 June                          Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Old Bethpage, NY

26 June – 29 June         Legrange Community Days, Legrange, NY

7 September                 Culper Spy Day, Setauket L.I., NY

21 & 22 September      Brinkerhoff House, Hopewell Junction, NY

18 – 20 October            Burning of Kingston, Kingston, NY

2 November                  Putnam Park, Redding, CT

23 November                Retreat from Fort Lee, Fort Lee, NJ

Check back often for updates on events the Light Infantry will be attending this year closer to home!